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Real Krav Maga -Real World Scenarios

Our training is real Krav Maga trained directly from Israel.

You will learn to defend, strike, survive, and win any confrontation

defend yourself
combative lesson

Weapons defense and tactical scenarios to prepare you for certifications

Head Instructor – Paul Szyarto

Paul Szyarto has over 25 years of mixed martial arts training from instructors around the world and through the military. He is an 8-year Navy Combat Veteran where he learned tactical, combative, and weaponry techniques through his involvement with security teams.

He has earned a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate, G4 in Krav Maga with Master Eyal Yanilov in Israel, trained Krav Maga with Hiam Gideon, Joni Henonoin, David Kahn, David Ordini, Yigal Arbiv, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Tim Carpenter, and earned an Instructor Certification from Krav Maga Alliance, and has boxed with champion Ray Robinson.

Paul is currently a dedicated student of Master Eyal Yanilov on the road to achieving his Expert level designation through Krav Maga Global.


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