Real Krav Maga -Real World Scenarios

SODACT Self-Defense is a Krav hybrid following Krav Maga Global, International Krav Maga Association, and additional Law Enforcement and Military hand to hand, hand to weapon, and weapon to weapon philosophies. 

Classes will involve multiple verbal and physics de-escalation techniques.

defend yourself
combative lesson

Learn effective transitions to your personal Every Day Carry force multiplier tools.

What do classes entail?

SODACT Self Defense (SSD) offers students a training pathway towards making better fight or flight decisions while in compromised positions when standing, surrounded, on the ground, advancing, retreating, in 3rd party, both indoors and outdoors in all lighting conditions. We teach when to talk, when to run, when to fight, when to draw, and all the related how-to’s. This is a perfect fit for all of the SODACT firearm, edged weapons, and scenario-based training curriculum.

These techniques are a prerequisite for attaining the SODACT Master Operator Certification.

You will learn various techniques including:

+ Upper body attacks: L and R
+ Open hand strikes, elbow strikes, hammer fists, eye strikes
+ Lower attacks: L and R
+ Straight, side, roundhouse kicks, straight and 1/2 roundhouse knees
+ Upper and lower strike combinations
+ Temporary control holds
+ Positional hierarchy and how to get there
+ Basic large and small joint locks and submissions

+ Various choke positioning
+ Ground dominance (krav-jitsu)
+ Basic hand to weapon survival (static edged weapon, blunt, and gun defenses)
+ Basic third party intervention
+ Deployment of tools during conflict
+ Verbal de-escalation
+ Transition from freeze to flight to fight to firearm
+ Basic muzzle discipline and control philosophy

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